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Top Tips – Social Media Community Management


Top Tips – Social Media Community Management

Customer support in a company is traditionally carried out through toll-free phone numbers and email forms. However, there are now more companies using social media to carry out their customer support services. This means that you can use social media for both marketing and customer support. But the reason why social media is particularly useful for customer support is because it helps build a more personalised relationship with customers. This creates a better sense of trust from the customer and it helps your company get even more publicity.

Recent statistics show that only about one-third of customers are making inquiries to customer support through social media. There are so many missed opportunities here which you can take advantage of. If your competitors are not using social media for this and you are, think about how much more effective your customer relationships will be compared to theirs. You just have to learn the best ways of maintaining these relationships through social media so that customers stay loyal to your company.

When a customer sends a question or comment to you through social media, make sure you reply to it promptly. Do not put off responding to them or else they’ll feel like you’re ignoring them. The best timeframe to respond is within 24 business hours. Also, act professional in the language you use on social media. Remember that social media comments are not private between you and the customer. They are actually in the public domain for the world to see. If others can see how polite and professional you treat your customers, then they’ll likely want to consider doing business with you too.

One truly important tip is to always talk to customers as if they were right in front of you. This means communicating with them like a human being and not someone who is reading from a script or acting like an automated responder. Use their first name and write in the first person when you address them. And when it comes to their problems or complaints, always apologise for the inconvenience they went through and offer to resolve their problem in the best way possible.

Most customer inquiries can be handled by one representative. In the event that the customer’s issue needs to be escalated to another department, make sure you notify someone in that department and let them know the details of the customer. That way, they can keep a personalised and knowledgeable tone when they start communicating with that customer.

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