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Top Tips – Things To Keep In Mind With Guest Blogging


Top Tips – Things To Keep In Mind With Guest Blogging

The classic way for webmasters to build backlinks is to make posts as a guest blogger on other websites. However, there are some SEO professionals which will tell you that guest blogging doesn’t work anymore for driving traffic and establishing a high rank in search engine results. We at HOLO Digital believe differently because we’ve already tested and verified how effective guest blogging can still be for driving traffic. If you own a new website or e-commerce business, guest blogging is still an effective way of building backlinks and creating quality SEO for it. You just need to be careful with it.

Google has changed its algorithm so that it is much stricter on guest blogging abuse. What this means is that you need to follow certain tips and practices for when you do guest blogging so that you don’t get penalised by Google for breaking their SEO rules. For example, your natural instinct might be to use guest blogging to create the majority of your backlinks. After all, it is very easy to create guest blog posts with all the software and service providers out there which have automated the posting process. But if the majority of your website’s backlinks are from guest blogging posts, then Google is going to penalise you for it. Your backlinks need to be natural and not overdone with guest blogging.

You need to choose the right blogging websites to make guest posts on. The more popular a website is, the better quality backlink it will give you. However, it is harder to get your posts approved for publishing on these better websites. This is what tempts a lot of webmasters to just make guest posts on a lot of unknown blogs simply because they allow anyone to publish on them. You need to avoid doing this as it is better to have fewer backlinks on reputable websites rather than lots of backlinks on unpopular websites.

You must understand that Google is getting smarter all the time. Not only can it detect the quality of the website which hosts the backlink, it can detect if the content of this website is relevant to the content of the backlink. In other words, if you have a cooking website and you create backlinks for it on a popular gambling website, this will raise a red flag in Google’s system. Therefore, your content must be within the same niche as the site in which you create the backlink on.

Finally, when it comes to anchor text, do not repeat the same keywords on each blog post. This may have worked 5 or 10 years ago, but it does not work now. You need to use different keywords on the blog posts so that Google won’t detect it as spamming.

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